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UPC Presents: Lil Yachty & Aminé


1.     Q: When and where is the show?

A: The show is on Thursday, April 4th at 7:30 PM at John Paul Jones Arena.

2.     Q. When will my guest and I be able to enter JPJ?

A: We have yet to decide the timing of that yet but that will be announced as soon as we figure it out.

3.     Q: If I am a lottery ticket winner, how long do I have to claim it?

A: Due to the high volume of questions and confusion, you have until Wednesday, March 6th at 11:59 PM to claim you and your guest’s tickets. Please have your name and your guest’s name in the form by then.

4.     Q: When will I find out if I have won a free ticket?

A: You will know by Friday, March 8th. If you haven’t found out by then, then you did not win free tickets.

5.     Q: What if I no longer want to attend the concert?

A: Do not fill out the form. Your ticket will be entered into a lottery again for another student to claim it.

6.     Q: How will I get my two tickets?

A: Ticketmaster will email you and your guest the tickets about 48 hours before the show. This means that if you and your guest need to arrive to the concert at different times, you may do so since you’ll just need to scan the emailed ticket to get in.

7.     Q: If I no longer want my ticket, can I give it to a friend?

A: No. In order to make it fair for all students, we are not allowing students to transfer tickets to their friends. We want to ensure that all students have the chance of winning tickets. We’ll be comparing our list of original winners to students who actually claimed the ticket and can figure out which students forwarded the form to their friends.

8.     Q: Can I bring a non UVA student as my guest?

A: No. Only current UVA students will be allowed to attend the concert. We will also be checking student IDs at the door.

9.  Q: Why is the turnaround so fast to claim a ticket?

A: Due to the high volume of interest, we want to give students who didn’t originally win tickets a chance to claim them. In addition, UPC initially promised that all students would know if they have won free tickets by Friday, March 8th. We also want to give students who don’t have free tickets a chance to purchase them if interested. The quick turnaround will also help JPJ advertise ticket sales to other members of the UVA community.

10. Q: What is the seating arrangement for the concert?

A: The first 2,500 students to arrive at JPJ will receive floor tickets. All students that arrive after will have lower and upper bowl seats.

11. Am I able to change the form in any way? (change guest, no longer want to attend, etc)

No. All forms have closed and you are no longer allowed to change any information on them. All guests and other information on the form are final at this point.

12. How can I check if my submission went through? 

Due to the high volume of requests and emails, UPC is not able to check on individual students' submissions but if you know you filled out the form, it went through. No need to worry there. 

13. What if my guest ended up getting a ticket? 

If this happens, your guest will not get both tickets. Your guest will only get one ticket and if he/she put down another guest, then that person gets one too. 

14. Can I still claim tickets if I missed the period? 

Unfortunately, no. At this point, the list of all students and guests attending the concert is final.

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